Hard Xploration

Tecnoexplora is a Chilean company focused on the exploration of Green Field and Brown Field mineral deposits using earth’s natural micro seismicity. Our expertise is the delineation of intrusive-generated deposits by identifying rock types and estimating a resource model using virtual reality and complimentary information from drill holes and geological mapping for its visualization. Tecnoexplora’s use of exploration technologies allows the optimization in use of resources in the exploration process, mainly in big areas. In its three years in the market, Tecnoexplora has provided its services to mining companies such as BHP Billiton, Anglo American and Antofagasta Minerals. Also, in 2016 it was chosen as the most promising foreign company by the National Angel Capital Organization of Canada (NACO) and as one of the three most innovative companies in the mining industry by Programa Nacional de Minería Alta Ley de Chile..




Identification and delineation of possible exploitation zones which are of economic interest and of intrusive / epithermal type at a low cost and with no impact over the environment.

This identification is done with a Long-distance Passive Seismic Tomography technology which utilizes natural occurring micro seismicity from the earth to obtain solids and/or block models with the delineation of different rock types in the given anomaly with depths that surpass 10 KM.

The results are delivered with a resolution of up to 60 meters.

Setting of a 3D model with geomechanic characteristics of rock mass such as in the Young Modulus, Poisson Coefficient, RMR, RQD, UCS and Barton Q.

In the last twenty years, the use of the velocity of waves spreading over a rock mass to estimate its geomechanical quality has been investigated and applied. Nevertheless, its application has not been made available to the masses as an operational practice due to its high application cost because of the short range of the available technologies.

Tecnoexplora proposes a new technology which allows us to measure the velocity of micro seismic waves with precision and in a great area expansion. Letting us estimate rock mass quality in a 3D model with the aim of improving rock characterization for the ‘’Mine to Mill’’ concept implementation.

This service is based on the modelling of rock types, mineralization, alteration and ore deposit structures considering the geological interpretation of drill holes, laboratory results, geological drill mapping, on field geological mapping and geophysical information. Tecnoexplora suggests its clients the usage of Long-distance Passive Seismic Tomography for the deposit’s rock type delineation, which enables rock and structure modeling.

Based on the former, grades are estimated to finally obtain a resource model characterized in a block model and an estimation report which can optionally meet international stock bankable standards such as Australian JORC and Canadian NI43-101 codes.

Tecnoexplora uses multivariable geostatistic techniques for estimation and simulation. This enables us to deliver, as an added value, a risk strategy mitigation to reduce the uncertainty of the model and meet the company’s strategic goals and its planning / operational aims.

Modelamiento de los tipos de roca, mineralización, alteración y estructuras de depósitos minerales a partir de la interpretación geológica de sondajes, resultados de laboratorio, y finalmente mapeo geológico de sondajes y superficial.